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Pupil Led Parents Evening


This week we have been having Pupil Led Parents Evening . In Pupil Led Parents evenings children take responsibility and meet with their parents to discuss their learning and progress from over the year.

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At Bankside we believe this helps

Pupils to be empowered through recognition of their learning and their next steps

Pupils to be develop clearer understanding of the assessment process

Pupils to have individual ( and quality) time with their parents

Benefits for parents:

To see their child as the owner of their learning

Parents to be clearer on what is going well and the child’s next step therefore how they can support their child’s learning

Parents to have clarity in what their child knows

Clearer understanding of the strategies that pupils .

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Parents and children have said they enjoyed the evenings.

‘ It was wonderful seeing my sons work. He and I are both very proud’ Yellow 2 Base Parent

‘ I can’t believe how confident my daughter was when she told me about the things she has learnt in class’ Green 1 Parent

‘My daughter told and showed me her work. I enjoyed listening to her . How lovely that she could tell and show me. Thank you’ Orange base Parent.

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‘I’ve never seen the children deliver their own parents evening before – this has been fantastic’ Ms Gee Jones (Orange 3 teacher)

‘The children enjoyed sharing their learning profiles with their parents’ Mrs Veeder (Red 1 class teacher)




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